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Carl Johns, CMT

Acucraniatsu (Shiatsu, Acupressure, Craniosacral), Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Swedish Massage, Lymph Drainage, Reflexology

Rates: $85-hour, $125-90min


Gina Johns, CMT

Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Shiatsu, Reflexology

Rates: $85-hour, $125-90min


Onsite Chair Massage

Rates: $75-hour, per therapist


Couples Massage Training

Rates: $60-hour (2-hour minimum session)


Swedish Massage

This is the classic form of western massage, and is still what most people in the west think of as massage.  Its roots are more in the realm of sports massage, and it was a relatively vigorous form of massage that developed out of the European gymnastic / health movement several centuries ago.  Its modern form still incorporates many of those original techniques such as kneading, friction and percussion - but now the more dominant technique is the long, relaxing effleurage stroke. Relaxation is the central component to the effectiveness of massage.  In a relaxed state, the body can let down its guard and open to the work that is being done, releasing patterns built by stress and creating possibilities for more comfort and ease in the body.  Swedish massage is done on a massage table and techniques are applied directly on the skin with lotion or oil.  It is still a favorite choice in spas all over the world.



Developed by Carl Johns, this combination of acupressure, craniosacral therapy, and shiatsu is a very adaptable and effective form of bodywork for any situation or environment.  The techniques span a wide range from deep and vigorous to extremely subtle, and the techniques can be combined in many ways to adapt to and meet the needs of any client.  Although Asian systems work and craniosacral therapy were born and developed in very different times and places, they have many similarities in the ways in which they conceive and work with flow of energy and fluid in the body.  This is the genesis of acucraniatsu, and what makes these seemingly very different forms of bodywork so compatible as a single modality.  This work is done over clothes on a massage table, but can also be adapted to seated or floor work and ideally suited to any on-site environment.


Shiatsu / Acupressure

The Asian systems approach to bodywork is truly a holistic approach.  It is rooted in ancient Taoist philosophy, which is primarily about observing the world through the lens of nature.  The body is seen as an ecosystem of flowing rivers and tides, with weather systems and the changing of the seasons.  This work attempts to achieve a healthy and balanced flow.  We all understand how a stagnant pool can create sickness and disease in nature.  The same is true in the body.  Shiatsu and acupressure work with the meridians (rivers) of the body to keep them flowing and free of stagnation, which nourishes all the body tissues and creates an environment of health.  

Shiatsu is an active form that incorporates compression, rocking, stretching, brushing, and percussion to open the channels and balance the body.  It is done over clothes, traditionally on the floor, and requires no equipment, so it is ideal for on-site work and can be taken into any environment.  It can also be adapted to the table and combined with other modalities.

Acupressure incorporates more subtle listening - holding points to influence the flow of the meridians, opening the channels of energy and fluid that nourish the tissues and carry away toxins. To understand acupressure is to understand the function and poetry of the points so that we can decide through assessment which points and meridians would be most beneficial to bring about balance and harmony.  Acupressure is a natural partner with shiatsu, and can also be combined with many other modalities.


Craniosacral Therapy

Developed through the field of osteopathy, this wonderfully subtle and effective form of bodywork works with the craniosacral system - the central nervous system and the bones and membranes surrounding it - to free restrictions and improve the function of the nervous system and all of the functions that it controls.  Craniosacral therapy is also very effective in working with and unwinding soft tissue and can help the body reorganize long-standing patterns of holding, opening the door for the possibility of change.  The work is done over clothes, and the subtle nature of craniosacral therapy makes it appropriate for a wide variety of clients and health conditions.  Its concepts and techniques can also be combined with other modalities very effectively.



The feet and hands are very powerful places to work, and virtually every culture in the world over a span of 5,000 years has developed a form of reflexology.  In its modern form, it works with reflex zones through the nervous system, stimulating all the organ systems and tissues of the body. Reflexology is safe and effective for a wide variety of clients and conditions.  The techniques are mostly compression based and are done on the feet and hands without lotion or oil.  Pressure should be comfortable and the work should be very relaxing.  Reflexology is less known in America, but it is practiced in hospitals and clinics around the world and has acceptance in many healthcare systems.


Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue might be the most misunderstood term in massage therapy.  Many clients - and therapists - adopt a no-pain-no-gain attitude.  While deep tissue massage may carry a higher degree of "sensation", it should not be painful. The pain response is an indicator of danger and potential injury and causes the body to tighten and recoil in protection.  Deep tissue work is very slow, detailed, works at appropriate tissue levels for the intent of the work, and is excellent for restoring range of motion, function, and comfort to areas of the body that have been compromised through injury or overuse.  Practiced well, it should be comfortable and allow the body to open, lengthen, and move out of habitual stress patterns.


Prenatal Massage

Pregancy is a beautiful event, and a tremendous challenge for the body.  This is a time when regular massage is essential, providing comfort and stress relief for mother and baby.  The changes the body is going through put strains on the muscular system that can be greatly relieved by massage.  The relaxation response so beautifuly created by swedish massage is the ideal support for body and mind, and can help bring a greater sense of ease and comfort throughout the pregnancy.


Couples Massage Training

The simple gift of touch can be offered by anyone and should be a part of life at home as much as the spa or the clinic.  Many people feel that massage is difficult to give and may resist giving it to their partner.  With a few hours of training in the mechanics and techniques of Swedish massage or shiatsu, couples can learn to work on each other in a comfortable and relaxed way, relieving the stress of everyday life and bringing more touch into the relationship.  Be careful though..... Once you discover how good it feels to give massage using proper mechanics and technique, you may start considering a career in massage therapy - feeling great about your work and helping people every day!


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